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Conference Papers

Bunkus,  R. and I. Theesfeld (2017). How many farmers  do you know in your village? Perception of agricultures` provision of  common goods  influenced by landownership and residency: case study in  Saxony-Anhalt,  Germany. Paper presented at the XVI Biennial IASC-Conference ‘Practicing the Commons: Self-Governance, Cooperation, and Institutional Change’, 10-14th, July 2017, Utrecht, Holland.

Bunkus, R. and I. Theesfeld (2016). Socio-cultural externalities of  European large-scale land deals and concentration processes. Paper  presented at the IASC European Conference "Commons in a Glocal World -  Global Connections and Local Responses", 10-13th, May, 2016, Bern, Switzerland

Bunkus, R. and I. Theesfeld (2015). From the economic to the cultural dimension of large-scale land acquisition in Europe. Interdisciplinary  Workshop "Large-Scale Land Acquisition between Resource Conflicts and  Sustainable Rural Development", University of Freiburg and Centre for  Development and Environment (CDE) University Bern, 17th November, 2015