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Low perception of p-value debate in the economic sciences

Ökonomenstimme, February 12, 2018   

Twenty steps towards an adequate inferential interpretation of p-values
PeerJ, March 29, 2018.   

Pitfalls of significance testing and p-value variability – implications for statistical inference.
The Centre for Statistics working paper series 07/2017, Georg August University Goettingen.   

Mangelhafte Rezeption der p-Wert Debatte in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Ökonomenstimme, 6. Okt. 2016   

Interpreting p-values – Common flaws and misconceptions (2016)
Journal of Economics and Statistics 236(5): 557-575   

Happiness and Utility in Economic Thought - What Can We Learn from Happiness Research for Policy Making?

Hirschauer, N., Lehberger, M., Musshoff, O. (2014): Happiness and Utility in Economic Thought - Or: What Can We Learn From Happiness Research for Public Policy Analysis and Public Policy Making? Social Indicators Research 2014. (DOI 10.1007/s11205-014-0654-2).

Hirschauer+Lehberger+Musshoff-2014-SocIndicRes-Wellbeing-preprint_e.pdf (1.2 MB)  vom 09.11.2016

Protective Factors - A systematization of non-material behavioral determinants

Hirschauer, N., Scheerer, S. (2014): Protective Factors. In: Backhaus,  J. (ed.): Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. Springer, New York.

Hirschauer+Scheerer2014-SpringerEncylop-ProtectiveFactors_preprint.pdf (149.5 KB)  vom 23.02.2015

Flaws to be avoided in ”efficiency analysis“ - the problem with the non-metric scale of measurement

Hirschauer, N., Musshoff, O. (2014): Non-metric Data – A Note on a Neglected Problem in DEA Studies. European Journal of Law and Economics 37(3): 489-494 (DOI 10.1007/s10657-013-9429-5).

Hirschauer+Musshoff-2014-EJLE-DEA-preprint.pdf (11.8 KB)  vom 09.11.2016

Inconsistent choices in Holt-and-Laury lotteries - What can we do about it?

Hirschauer, N., Musshoff, O., Maart-Noelck, S. C., Gruener, S. (2014): Eliciting risk attitudes – how to avoid mean and variance bias in Holt-and-Laury lotteries. Applied Economics Letters 21(1): 35-38. (DOI 10.1080/13504851.2013.835474).

Hirschauer+Musshoff+Maart-Noelck+Gruener_HLL_Elicting risk.pdf (333.8 KB)  vom 09.11.2016