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Homepage Prof. Dr. E. von Borell (Emeritus)

Eberhard von Borell, PhD

Professor, Animal Husbandry and Animal Ecology

ORCID: 0000-0003-4044-3909

ResearchGate: E_von_Borell   

Research areas/Research interests

  • Assessment and Improvement of Housing Systems and Management Procedures
  • Behavioural Biology and Animal Bioethics
  • Environmental Influences on Animal Performance and Welfare
  • Organic Farming, Environmental Impact and Sustainability Assessment
  • Adaptation Physiology, (Neuro-) Endocrinology

Curriculum Vitae

May 1994 - September 2022: Professor of Animal Husbandry and Animal Ecology, Institute of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

May 2017 - August 2022: Dean for Student Affairs of the Faculty of Natural Sciences III - Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, Earth Sciences and Computer Science, MLU, Germany

February 2004 - August 2004 (OECD stipend): Visiting Professor, Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis, USA

April 2001 - January 2004: Director of the Institute of Animal Breeding and Husbandry with Veterinary Clinic, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

October 1999 - 2003: Director of the Institute of Agricultural Ecology e.V. at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

December 1996 - 1999: Associate Director of the Institute of Agricultural Ecology e.V. at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

October 1996 - 1999: Vice-Dean for Student Affairs, Agricultural Faculty, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

1995-1996: Acting Director of the Institute of Agricultural Technology and Landuse Management, Germany

March 1991 - April 1994: Assistant Professor, Animal Behaviour and Environmental Physiology, Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA

January 1989 - January 1991: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

April 1984 - December 1988: Research Associate, Institute of Animal Breeding and Animal Behaviour, Federal Research Center for Agriculture (FAL), Westerau-Trenthorst, Germany

1984-1987: PhD in Live Sciences, University of Hohenheim

1979-1984: MSc in Agricultural Biology (Diplom), University of Hohenheim, Germany

1977-1979: BSc in Agricultural Biology (Vordiplom), University of Hohenheim, Germany


For the full publication list, please check here   .


Rauen, A., S. Ebschke, E. von Borell and K.-H. Südekum. On-farm assessment of dairy cattle management sustainability: Resources and feeding. Züchtungskunde 93 (1), 2021, 1-18.

Angermann, E., C. Raoult, M. Wensch-Dorendorf, S. Frenking, N. Kemper and E. von Borell. Development of a group-adapted housing system for pregnant sows: a field study on performance and welfare aspects. Agriculture 11, 2021, 18, 1-15. doi:   


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Prunier, A., N. Devillers, M.S Herskin, D.A. Sandercock, A.R.L. Sinclair, C. Tallet and E. von Borell.  Husbandry interventions in suckling piglets, painful consequences and  mitigation. In: C. Farmer: The Suckling and Weaned Piglet, Wageningen  Academic Publishers, The Netherlands, 2020, pp. 107-138. doi:   https://doi.   org/10.3920/978-90-8686-894-0_4

Schreiter, R., K. Damme, M. Klunker, C. Raoult, E. von Borell and M. Freick. Effects of edible environmental enrichments during the rearing and laying periods in a littered aviary - Part 2: Physical development of pullets and performance, egg quality and carcass composition in laying hens Poult. Sci. 99 (12), 2020, 6685-6696. doi:   

Schreiter, R., K. Damme, M. Klunker, C. Raoult, E. von Borell and M. Freick. Effects of edible environmental enrichments during the rearing and laying periods in a littered aviary - Part 1: Integument condition in pullets and laying hens. Poult. Sci. 99 (11), 2020, 5184-5196. doi:   


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Schreiter, R., K. Damme, J. Hartmann, M. Klunker, M. Freick, N. Wolff und E. von Borell. Einfluss eines speziell zur Reduktion von Federpicken konzipierten Legehennenfutters auf die Leistung und das Auftreten von Verhaltensstörungen. Eur. Poult. Sci. 83, 2019. doi:   

Kühn, J., C. Wassermann, S. Ebschke, A. Schutkowski, K. Thamm, M. Wensch-Dorendorf, E. von Borell und G. Stangl. Feasibility of artificial light regimes to increase the vitamin D content in indoor-laid eggs. Poult. Sci. 98 (10), 2019, 5177-5187. doi:   

Nawroth, C., J. Langbein, M. Coulon, V. Gabor, S. Oesterwind, J. Benz-Schwarzburg and E. von Borell. Farm animal cognition - Linking Behavior, Welfare and Ethics. Front. Vet. Sci. 6 (24), 2019. doi:   

Academic Achievements, Awards and Honors, Reviewing and Professional Associations

  • PhD summa cum laude, University of Hohenheim, 1987
  • Research Fellowship (Postdoc), German Research Council (DFG), University of Guelph, Canada, 1988
  • Research Fellowship, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), 1989
  • Fellowship Award (New Zealand), Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, Feodor Lynen Program (not taken), 1990
  • National Pork Producers (USA) Innovation Award Winner, Basic Research Category, 1993
  • Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), Research Stipend, UC Davis, California, 2004
  • International Porco Bravo Research Award, Rassegna Suinicola (Italy) 2011