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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Bunkus, R., Soliev, I. and I. Theesfeld (2020). Density of resident  farmers and rural inhabitants’ relationship to agriculture:  operationalizing complex social interactions with a structural equation  model. Agriculture and Human Values 37(1): 47-63. doi.   org/10.   1007/s10460-   019-   09966-   7   

Bunkus, R. and I. Theesfeld (2018). Land Grabbing in Europe? Socio-Cultural Externalities of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Eastern Germany. Land 7(3): 98.   

Conference Papers

Bunkus,  R. and I. Theesfeld (2017). How many farmers  do you know in your village? Perception of agricultures` provision of  common goods  influenced by landownership and residency: case study in  Saxony-Anhalt,  Germany. Paper presented at the XVI Biennial IASC-Conference ‘Practicing the Commons: Self-Governance, Cooperation, and Institutional Change’, 10-14th, July 2017, Utrecht, Holland.

Bunkus, R. and I. Theesfeld (2016). Socio-cultural externalities of  European large-scale land deals and concentration processes. Paper  presented at the IASC European Conference "Commons in a Glocal World -  Global Connections and Local Responses", 10-13th, May, 2016, Bern, Switzerland

Bunkus, R. and I. Theesfeld (2015). From the economic to the cultural dimension of large-scale land acquisition in Europe. Interdisciplinary  Workshop "Large-Scale Land Acquisition between Resource Conflicts and  Sustainable Rural Development", University of Freiburg and Centre for  Development and Environment (CDE) University Bern, 17th November, 2015


Bunkus, R. and I. Theesfeld (2018). “Land Grabbing in Europe?” Poster presented at the 58. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaus e. V. (GEWISOLA). Kiel, Germany: September 12 - 14, 2018.