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Terra Preta—Amazonian Earth Interview with Prof. Glaser


META: What makes terra preta so special?

Bruno Glaser: It occurs in a region where old and extremely infertile soils are the norm. It is even more surprising that terra preta has survived 2,000 years of heavy rainfall and tropical temperature, while remaining fertile and high in humic matter content until today.

Is terra preta truly man-made?

Nowadays, there is enough scientific evidence that terra preta is of anthropogenic origin. We have found plenty of indicators such as potsherds, charcoal, human and animal bones, and indicators of human excrements.

Can you explain a bit about its creation process?

The creation of terra preta probably occurred by chance (at least in the beginning), through the addition of biomass and household wastes, including charcoal, food residues, and bones from the surrounding area to the soil. The high amounts of charcoal (biochar) were probably introduced by a steady maintenance of low temperature smoldering fires for cooking or spiritual......

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