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Research Activities of the Department of Agribusiness Management

A behavioural economic analysis of moral hazards in food production: the case of deviant economic behaviour and disclosure policies on the restaurant, ready-to-eat and retail level

Funding: DFG   
Project Management: M.Sc. Anica Fietz
Projektbeschreibung.pdf (61.7 KB)  vom 11.06.2012

Work and Life Satisfaction of Employees in Agriculture

Project Management: M.Sc. Antje Jantsch
Project Description_Jantsch.pdf (330.2 KB)  vom 05.05.2015

The capacity of weather index insurance for risk reduction in agriculture

Project Management: M.Sc. Juliane Doms
Project description.pdf (224.8 KB)  vom 26.01.2016

A behavioral economic analysis of compliance and non-compliance with food-safety and water-protection rules in primary production: a survey and experiment-based study

Project Management: Dipl.-Psych. Katja Funke
Project Description.pdf (291 KB)  vom 04.02.2016

External validity in economic experiments

Funding: DFG
Project Management: Dr. Sven Grüner

Project Description_Gruener.pdf (404.9 KB)  vom 20.07.2018