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Paper on Social Learning in Community Gardens released

Paper on Landgrabbing in East Germany released

Prof. Theesfeld has been elected President of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC)

Paper on consumers' moral attitude and their willingness to pay

Prof. Theesfeld organises the European component for the ,,World Commons Week''

Newspaper Articels

Sale and Lease Back of Agricultural Land—Article in AgraEurope, issue 45, 02.11.2020

Artikel AGRA-EUROPE, issue 45

Artikel AGRA-EUROPE, issue 45

Wie gut kann billig sein?

Basisdemokratie beim Gemüseanbau

The Article:
News_2020_MZ Artikel Gärten.pdf (1.4 MB)  vom 29.01.2020

Der gute Bauer und das begehrte Land

The Article:
Artikel_MitteldeutscheZeitung_17 Nov-1-1.pdf (736.4 KB)  vom 11.12.2019

Geld und Tierwohl, Interview in Lebensmittelpraxis 18, 2019

Interview Lebensmittelpraxis Frau Pirscher on Money and Animal Welfare

Interview Lebensmittelpraxis Frau Pirscher on Money and Animal Welfare

The Article:
Interview_Lebensmittelpraxis_Heft18_2019.pdf (620.5 KB)  vom 29.01.2020

Landgrabbing in Germany: People lose connection to Farming

Contributions to Radio and TV/ Video Clips

Bill Blomquist, Director of the Commons Governance Program at the Ostrom Workshop interviewing Insa Theesfeld about her current work and how she started working with Elinor Ostrom

Climate Change as Social Dilemma

Landgrabbing in Ostdeutschland

Commons in the Light of Research

Theesfeld moderates Book Presentation on Commons by Silke Helfrich

Soliev on National Uzbek Television on Global Environment Communities and the Advantages of Cooperation

Theesfeld Speech on IASC Europe and the Commons

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