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Behnaz Soleimani (2018)

Genetic regulation of juvenile plant growth under contrasting  levels of phosphorus, potassium and carbon dioxide nutrition in the wild  barley introgression library S42IL

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Aleksandra Muszyńska (2018)

Histological, ultrastructural, elemental, and molecular genetic  charcterization of "Stabilstroh", a complex trait of rye (Secale Cereale  L.) determining lodging resistence

Quddoos-ul-Haq Muqaddasi (2018)

Genetic analysis of anther extrusion in wheat for hybrid seed production

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Steven Dreißig (2018)

Development of single-cell analysis methodologies to investigate segregation and dynamics of defined genomic regions during meiosis and interphase

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Andreas Maurer (2017)

Utilizing a wild barley nested association mapping (NAM) population for genome-wide association studies

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Imke Thormann (2017)

Genetic erosion in crop wild relatives : wild barley, Hordeum vulgare subsp. spontaneum, a case study in Jordan

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Wei Ma (2017)

Analysis of two exceptional chromosome-types in plants

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Lala Aliyeva-Schnorr (2016)

Cytogenetic mapping of BAC contigs assigned to barley chromosome 3H and comparative subchromosal analysis within the genus Hordeum

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Maja Jankowska (2016)

Functional consequences of chromosome holocentricity

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Florian Schnaithmann (2016)

Mapping of quantitative trait loci regulating nitrogen stress  tolerance and leaf rust seedling resistance in two selected populations  derived from crosses between exotic and elite barley

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