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Department of Agronomy and Organic Farming
Secretary: Michaela Meyer

phone: +49 (0) 345 55 22 628
fax: +49 (0) 345 55 27 023

Betty-Heimann-Str. 5
D-06120 Halle (Saale)

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Research & Projects

"LTE hub" Halle

Research hub on long-term field experiments (LTEs)

Collaborative network & interdisciplinary collaboration

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Main interest

  • Special interest in new agronomical insights based on long-term  field experiments (LTEs):
  • Designing sustainable and climate-resilient cropping systems
    (complex system of “soil x climate x genotype x agronomic management”)
  • Assessing   the impact of current and future climate scenarios on production risk   and environmental adaptability of cropping systems depending on   agronomic management
  • Developing agronomic strategies to improve soil fertility
  • Designing soil conserving strategies and site adapted methods of soil cultivation
  • Key factors: soil cultivation, crop rotation, catch crops, plant residues, biostimulants
  • Key methods: lab analyses, field experiments (exact/on-farm), statistical analyses, agroecosystem modelling, empirical studies
(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

Designing sustainable cropping systems: here we are analysing the impact of crop rotation diversification, introducing legumes and catch crops.

 (Photo: Janna Macholdt)

(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

Developing agronomic strategies to improve soil fertility: here we are mainly interested in soil biological and physical parameter.

Current projects

Completed projects