Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Lesende Studentinnen am Universitätsplatz.


Studienberatung nach Anmeldung
Dr. Annett Weltrowski

phone: 0345 55 22 302

Karl-Freiherr-von-Fritsch-Str. 4
06120 Halle (Saale)

Vorsitzender der Studien- und Prüfungsausschüsse BSc und MSc Agrarwissenschaften:
Prof. Dr. Klaus Pillen
Studiengangsverantwortlicher für BSc und MSc Agrarwissenschaften:
Prof. Dr. Norbert Hirschauer

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Study programs

I want to know …

... why I should study in Halle and what I can expect there. How the university works and how and where I can live in Halle. And what the city of Halle has to offer outside the university campus.

Answers to these and many other questions can be found on the "I-want-to-know" portal

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Conditions of admission and application

The admission requirements for the university`s study programs and information on the application procedure are provided by the General Student Advisory Service and the Enrolment Office of Martin Luther University.

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Bachelor and Master programs (general information)

Please follow this link for more information on the Bachelor-Master study model.

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Study year schedule

When do the courses start? How long is the semester break? Here you find the dates of the current and upcoming semesters.

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ASQ - General-key-skills courses

We offer a large number of general-key-skills courses ("ASQs") as part of our Bachelor study programs. ASQ modules are offered by various university units such as the Media Competence Center, the Language Center and the Institute of Speech Science and Phonetics. An overview of the ASQ modules and detailed descriptions can be found under this link.

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Sustainable agriculture - the special ASQ

As a self-organized student initiative, we deal intensively with topics relating to sustainable agriculture. In our ASQ module, we discuss the tension between agriculture and society in seminars. A three-day final excursion also gives us the opportunity to gain comprehensive practical insights in addition to theoretical input. Through public lecture series, we offer people from various fields of science and practice the opportunity to share their perspectives and enter into an exchange with all interested parties. Further information and details on the ASQ as well as information on the application process here    - we look forward to hearing from you!

Instructor course

Master's students of agricultural and crop sciences (maximum number of participants: 15) can take part in an instructor course. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive the authorization to provide training on their own or a third-party farm. The course focuses on the planning and implementation of training, legal issues, the didactic and pedagogical handling of learning difficulties and the motivation of trainees. Information on registration and dates can be found here.

Certificate of competence in plant protection

From the winter semester 2024/2025, Bachelor's students of Agricultural Sciences can acquire the "Certificate of Expertise in Plant Protection" with the successful completion of the elective module "Phytopathology - Exercises". The acquisition of the "Certificate of competence for the application, advice and dispensing of plant protection products" is required in accordance with the Plant Protection Certificate Ordinance of June 27, 2013 (BGBI.I p.1953), amended by Article 5a of the Ordinance of January 6, 2014 (BGBI.I p.26) for all those who handle plant protection products commercially.