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Department of Agronomy and Organic Farming
Secretary: Michaela Meyer

Telefon: +49 (0) 345 55 22 628
Telefax: +49 (0) 345 55 27 023

Betty-Heimann-Straße 5
D-06120 Halle (Saale)

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Welcome to the Department of Agronomy and Organic Farming

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. habil. Janna Macholdt

The goal of our research is to design sustainable and climate-resilient cropping systems. Specifically, we seek to understand the complex system of “soil × climate × genotype × agronomic management”. Therefore, we evaluate different cropping systems in field experiments and analyse their performance, climatic resilience, and environmental impact. Here we focus on agronomic factors like crop rotation, catch crops, plant residues, soil cultivation and new tools like biostimulants.

(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

Long-term Field Experiments - the "LTE hub" at Halle University

In addition, we have a particular interest in gaining new agronomical insights from long-term field experiments (LTEs), which are defined as field experiments running over more than 20 years. LTEs are of high importance for studying the sustainability of cropping systems and the effects of climate change on current & future food security. Based on LTEs, we work on the quantification of crop production, like yield and yield stability depending on agronomic treatments and environmental impact, and we assess aspects like nutrient cycling and interactions with the soil ecosystem.

"LTE hub" Halle

Research hub on long-term field experiments

Detailed information can be found at

(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

(Photo: Janna Macholdt)

One of our main research interests is to develop agronomic management strategies for improving soil fertility, notably soil organic matter (soil biology, biodiversity, rhizo-microbiome, plant-root-interactions). We further conduct research in the field of soil physical parameter and soil compaction (e.g., mathematical-empirical models like REPRO).

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