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Categorizing Urban Gardens: Collective Action in Community Gardens

Researcher: Nicole Rogge

Keywords: Urban Gardens, Collective Action

Urban Gardening has become a rapidly growing international movement. Although cultivating food in urban areas played a significant role throughout history, there is a new sense of Gardening in Cities. A lot of new gardens emerge on vacant lots through the engagement of residential groups. On these shared and open spaces diverse communities grow food and flowers and share thereby often not only the space but also fruits, work, tools, infrastructure as well as knowledge. These community gardens are what can be described as urban commons.

Although urban gardens are often listed as examples of commons, they lack closer scientific examination. This study aims 1) to explore the differences between urban gardens used as commons or used as other forms of collective engagement and 2) to categorize urban gardens in their function as commons. Therefore the PhD project conducts theoretical and empirical research as well as own practical experience in community gardening.

Research in the media: Urban gardens – between vegetables and politics

Garden project in Münster: Campusgarten GrüneBeete

„Campusgarten GrüneBeete“ is a community garden project in Münster. The garden was founded by Anna Rechenberger and Nicole Rogge and is now organized and managed by the “GrüneBeete e.V.”. The garden can be understood as very dynamic and open place for all people who are interested.