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The role of formal and informal rules in agricultural land and water management.

Interest in the use of groundwater for  irrigation in Uzbek agriculture  is growing. This is becoming evident  not only in recent legislation, but  also on the ground in the form of  increased borehole drilling and  groundwater use to grow fruits and  vegetables in Uzbekistan. Since the  institutions governing groundwater  use in this part of Central Asia are  underexplored, my goal is to  provide an overview and comparison of the  formal and informal  institutions governing the use of groundwater for  irrigation. I further  seek to identify the consequences of the  institutional settings for  actors’ use patterns and sustainable  conjunctive water management  opportunities. The data collected in the  field through semi-

structured interviews with commercial and  household farmers, as well  as experts will form the basis of my thesis.  Field research will be  conducted during several visits to Uzbekistan  from 2019 to 2021, with  the main research locations being the regions of  Samarkand, Tashkent,  and Khorezm.

This dissertation is part of the research project SUSADICA